Meet The L.A. Doula Care Team - L.A. Doula Care
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Meet The L.A. Doula Care Team

The L.A. Doula Care Team

Certified Postpartum Doulas & Newborn Care Specialists
Kimberly Von Slomski

Kimberly is the founder of L.A. Doula Care. She has worked with babies and children for the past 23 years and is a Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, and Lactation Educator Counselor. Babies and families are her passion. When she started her postpartum doula and newborn care specialist business, she saw a major need for sleep in all the families she worked with. Soon after, she became a certified sleep trainer. Creating a strong community begins in the home. One healthy, peaceful, sleeping family can lead to a community of happy people and she's grateful to be a part of that!

Emma Smith

Emma is a certified postpartum Doula with DONA, Doulas of North America. She has a Psychology, Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Long Beach and over twenty years of experience working among families with young children. Her non-judgmental and holistic philosophy guides you towards achieving your optimal parental goals.

Julia Goldberg

Starting as a mother’s helper when she was only 9, Julia fell in love with helping parents and being around little ones. From there she has worked as a camp counselor, teacher, nanny, mentor, behavioral interventionist, sleep trainer, doula, and more. She is now a certified Newborn Care Specialist and is finishing her Postpartum Doula certification. Julia is passionate about providing loving, nonjudgmental care to families to assist them through the beautiful, but sometimes rocky, times of infancy.

Kylie Morse

Growing up in Alhambra, CA, Kylie was surrounded by extended family of all ages. She learned to be social, caring, and responsible from her elders, cousins, and siblings alike. As time passed, she started babysitting for friends and family and has been the go-to sitter since. At the time she did not know it, but a passion was growing. After five years of fundraising for the nonprofit organization, March of Dimes, she knew she wanted to be more hands on. That desire lead her straight to a DONA birth doula training, and shortly after postpartum doula training. Her passion to care for babies and children grows everyday and she cannot wait to support new and growing families!

Kim Pabon

Kim grew up in the Chicago suburbs, the oldest of 5 siblings. In 1995 her dream came true with the birth of her sweet daughter & she became a stay-home mom caring for friends and their babies day or night. In 2015 she started her C.A.P.P.A. Postpartum Doula training and from there became a certified Newborn Care Specialist and completed Childhood Development training trough Texas A&M. Kim enjoys sharing this beautiful family journey working overnights while continuing to learn and grow in her field. She finds pure joy providing support, sleep, healing and education for new and growing families while honoring family cultures and traditions.

Berenice Vitt

Berenice's journey began in 2004 when she started working as a full-time nanny. She saw the challenges that the postpartum period could bring, and decided to expand her knowledge to help mothers through this period. She took the DONA International postpartum doula training, NCS workshops, newborn massage, twins & multiples , holistic courses. Berenice get great joy working as a doula/NCS for the past 10 years. Her passion is to help so many families transition into parenthood. She is now also a birth doula through CAPPA. Her main goal is to empower families to create a lasting bond and feel confident taking care of their new bundle of joy.

Kathryn Hodges

Kathryn started her career advocating for parents at a postpartum depression foundation in Chicago then worked in Pittsburgh directing a county breastfeeding support hotline. She spent several years providing postpartum doula care in Pittsburgh, PA before she and her husband and two young kids moved to Echo Park in 2016. Kathryn loves nurturing both infants and mothers and educating and reassuring families as they navigate breastfeeding, healing and life with an infant. She loves supporting a new mom - making her tea, rocking her baby, making her delicious food and keeping her space sacred, tidy, and peaceful so that she can heal and bond and learn her new role with confidence.

Ariel Aguilera-Musick

Ariel Musick has been working with newborns and young babies her entire life. Ever since 2013 starting at a family house with a preemie baby, over to a daycare where she took care of 7 babies by herself in the nursery area to coming to the United States in 2018 to become an au pair. In 2018 Ariel learned about the NCS career and was eager to learn more about it and ever since she's been focusing on her studies as a Newborn Care Specialist and decided to have it as her career. Ariel completed her training course through Newborn Care Solutions and is a CACHE Certified Newborn Care Specialist, has experience working with special needs and multiples. She is also a mother of a preemie little baby boy. Besides hands -on experience Ariel also has a training course on how to identify Brachycephaly & Plagiocephaly. Pediatric CPR, AED and First Aid and being up to date on her vaccinations are also on her resume.

Jenna Howe

Jenna moved from Boston to California in 2019. Jenna has degrees from Simmons College in neuroscience, psychology, and biology with minor in nursing. After working in biotech Jenna decided to become a Nanny to a family that welcomed their second child in 2016 thus starting her career as a Doula based on a love of helping the families of newborns. Jenna provides a caring, respectful practice of support for each family. She enjoys nurturing the new family and fostering a safe and warm environment where families feel cared for and empowered. Jenna loves to cook, read, sing and make music, travel, and always continues to learn.

Mary Williams

Mary is a birth and postpartum doula, as well as a certified sleep trainer. She began babysitting & supporting families at a young age, and her passionate care for families has only grown deeper, through her work as a doula. Mary earned her Bachelors in Social Work, which has influenced her career tremendously, guiding her in providing families holistic support. From emotional needs to physical comfort, Mary has a gift of nurturing families and bringing peace to difficult situations. Her experience ranges from prenatal education all the way to establishing sleep routines for toddlers. She feels privileged to walk alongside families through each of these milestones.

Michelle Hunter

With more than eleven years of professional childcare experience, Michelle has developed an expertise in nurturing, guiding, teaching, and providing loving care to children of all ages and their families. She began even earlier when being entrusted to care for her 3 month old cousin at the age of 16. This experience launched her journey for helping families with children as a babysitter, Nanny and now as a Newborn Care Specialist. She hopes to guide and assist parents and their children gently by providing support through the obstacles and successes of parenthood and family life. Over everything, Michelle also believes in being a lifelong learner who takes away lessons from each experience and encounter with a new family, while pursuing continuing education of her own.


Jacquie Archambault

Jacquie is a highly proficient and trained Newborn Care Specialist and Postpartum Doula. With over five years of experience, she specializes in the support of parents and the care of infants ages 0-12 weeks including preemies, multiples and special needs. She works hard to support the family’s personal values, is LGBT+ friendly, while educating and empowering parents. She will show you how to care for your new baby, provide lactation support, and create a stress free environment for parents and baby. Educating and guiding parents is her passion!

Katherine Glenn

Katherine is a certified Newborn Care Specialist, Postpartum Doula, and Lactation Educator with over ten years of experience working with infants and families. After years of working as a professional nanny, Katherine developed an affinity and love for working with infants. She then completed her Postpartum Doula training from the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University and became a certified Newborn Care Specialist through Newborn Care Solutions. Katherine specializes in helping parents define goals around feeding, including breastfeeding, pumping or formula and is certified through the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association. Katherine helps guide parents through all aspects of their postpartum experience. She brings a calm, confident, and supportive presence to her work. She values providing evidence-based information to parents ranging from best practices for infant care to strategies that support the emotional and physical recovery of parents from the birthing process.

Danielle Hogan

Danielle is a DONA certified Doula with training in postpartum Doula care and understands the importance of the many stages of motherhood. Growing up in a large family of healers exposed her to an array of healing modalities and integrated a more holistic approach to care. Skilled in Placenta encapsulation, botanical baths, herbal tea blends, postpartum therapy and ancestral healing remedies that support the entire family throughout the postpartum journey. Recognizing the importance of a support system, she embraces the opportunity to impact not just one life but generations at a time. Moving through life always working to curate spaces that promote generational health and keeping the conversation of normalizing selfcare in the forefront.

Wendy Pereyda

Wendy is a compassionate and nurturing person with a warm presence. Wendy loves working with babies. It all started when her little sister was born, she took on the role of mommy’s little helper, this shaped her into a nurturing individual. Wendy has been working with children for ten years and for the last seven years been working with newborns and babies. Becoming a newborn care specialist is a dream come trig or wendy. She loves working alongside parents to take care of their new bundle of joy. She enjoys educating parents about the care of their infant. Wendy is an optimistic person with a positive attitude. Wendy is knowledgeable about sleeping and eating schedules. Identifying skin conditions, GERD, colic, feeding complications that may arise is her specialty. She loves helping mothers with their breastfeeding positions and special dietary foods for maximum milk production. Wendy has also worked with premature babies and understands the special care premies need to get to a healthy weight. Wendy also knows that families come in all shapes and sizes, so working with same sex parents is an honor to her. She prides herself in the work that she does for families with a new bundle of joy.

Audra Shapiro

Audra is a birth and postpartum doula, with a passion for helping people tap into their power. With a holistic mind-body approach, Audra specializes in herbal remedies, nutritious postpartum meals (kashrut accommodating), and providing a comforting, non-judgmental atmosphere for birthing people and new parents. Her aim is to always ensure that the birthing environment and postpartum home are safe havens where nurturing and healing is of the utmost priority. Audra firmly believes that ALL families deserve loving care regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race or religion.

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